Updated July 3, 2023

Behind the photoshoot

days under the palms

This was one of my recent photoshoots. The connection these two have on camera was so genuine and even off camera they were just the sweetest people. I had such a beautiful time with these cuties exploring new locations and shooting. The weather started to change and we were in the middle of the beach. I started running towards bushed and came across and little palm tree. I was way too excited about this tree, I was telling them to come over and we captured gorgeous shots. Not only does It makes me happy to be able to capture the love of these two, but to be able to create wonderful moments on the Garden Island. My home. This photoshoot helped me relive that great things come with trusting the process and being in the moment. This location was on the spur of the moment and turned out to be one of my favorite shoots. I’m often a little too planed out and stick to a plan. I think it important to let go and trust the outcome. This mindset is something I’m working on understanding more. Going with the flow can be a good thing and pushes me to go out of my comfort zone.