Behind the Lens

A Day in the Life of a Content Creator

As a teenage influencer living in Hawaii, I have the privilege of being able to combine my love for photography and content creation with the beauty of this tropical paradise. Today, I’m taking you through a typical day in my life, which includes plenty of beach time, photoshoots, and of course, creating content.

My mornings usually begin with journaling and preparing content for my social media. I find it important to take some time for myself before starting my day and planning what kind of content I want to share with my followers. I’ll also check my messages and comments to engage with my followers and answer any questions they may have.

After a peaceful morning of journaling and content preparation, I love to head to the beach and soak up some sun. I make sure to start my day with a healthy and delicious acai bowl and for lunch, I always treat myself to a refreshing poke bowl. Not only do these meals keep me energized throughout the day, but they’re also made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that support Hawaii’s vibrant food scene.

As an aspiring influencer, I love creating content that inspires young women to feel confident in their own skin. But it’s not just about me – I also want to support local businesses and share their unique stories with my followers. That’s why I always make sure to highlight the local jewelry brands and vendors that I come across in my daily life.

In the evenings, I love spending quality time with my boyfriend. Although he’s not a content creator himself, he fully supports my passion for it and is always willing to lend a helping hand on photo shoots. Together, we enjoy capturing the stunning sunsets and creating memories that we’ll love forever.

I want to inspire others with my content and help them find joy in their daily lives. Through my Instagram account (@Janique.marcil), I share my experiences in Hawaii, my love for content creation, and my passion for supporting local brands and vendors. Join me on this journey of growth and inspiration by checking out my daily posts and stories