Updated July 6, 2023

GRWM ( what’s in my beach bag )

Here are a few things i like to bring for my beach days!

Usually I like to spend my weekends at the beach enjoying nature. it’s a good chance for me to take a recap and self reflect on my life. Weekdays are very busy and it’s  easy to forget to take a minute to take a step back and appreciate the times to relax. When I’m at the beach I like to hangout with one of my close friends and have photoshoots at different locations. Or lay at the beachside and update each other. I’m very grateful to be able to have the beach as a safe place to clear my mind.

  1. vlog camera
  2. sunglasses
  3. body oil
  4. Parero (beach wrap )
  5. roll on perfume
  6. waikoko ( coconut water )
  7. speaker + portable charger