Updated February 5, 2023

Here are a few of things that make me happy


I love going to the beach! It brings me so much happiness to be out in nature. Everyday is so beautiful. it’s very often that I forget to appreciate the environment i’m in. I tend to get caught up in work where all day i’m on the grind and life becomes a cycle. I definitely don’t want life to pass me by. I’m very grateful for my surroundings and try to spend my weekends at the beach or going on evening walks if ever I can.


My music taste is beach and sunset vibes. Music has become such a big part of my days. My mood can change so quickly depending on the vibe of music I play. If ever I have a sad day, I can always use music to help center my mindset. I often enjoy journaling and listening to my playlists. Setting aside some time to let the music resonate with me. on days that I spend by myself, music really helps me feel less alone. here are a few songs that radiate good vibe and days under the sun. My instagram feed vibe is based on these types of songs

ways to go ( Tame Impala )
remember when ( wallows )
lost in yesterday ( Tame Impala )
Hey girl ( Boy Pablo )


Jewelry is one of my favorite ways to spice up my daily outfits. I love to get creative with layering necklaces or stacking rings! My go to earrings are gold hoops. It’s a great way for me to show off my personality along with my style. Some days I keep it simple and others I like to create some fun combos ! What I like about jewelry is that it makes me feel confident and put together. Most of my pieces represent me so well, some days I can’t go without my rings haha ! It makes me happy to be supporting our local vendors and businesses on island. I love wearing dresses, it’s so elegant and makes me feel so stunning. One of my favorite brands is Indahclothing. Their styles are always so flattering and enhance my features.