Updated February 6, 2023

another year around the sun

I am amazed to see the growth Ive made throughout the years. Seeing myself become so self- driven and flourish with confidence is a wonderful feeling. My mindset on life has brought me wonderful projects and experiences. I am so proud of myself, I hope to achieve my goals and further my education. Im so thankful for the love and support i’ve had through the years. I am so grateful to have wonderful people who encourage me everyday to fulfill my dreams. This season is the time for me to stop feeling restricted or underestimate my goals. I’m very determined and motivated to see myself make my dreams a reality. I intend to journal my thoughts and intentions more frequently to keep my mindset clear and attract positive energy. I’d like to share my “days under the sun” and moments with you!

This year my birthday lands on a full moon. This moon phase aligns perfectly with my state of abundance, completion, and transformation. It couldn’t be more fitting to launch on this day. I’ve been working so hard to create my website to share my thoughts and days under the sun with all you! I am so grateful for the wonderful support and love that I’ve been receiving everyday. I am so amazed by the growth Ive made throughout these years but especially the past few months. I am so exited to see what this year has in store for me as I continue to create content and grow as an independent young woman. It’s so empowering to see my dreams coming together and knowing that my hard work has created the person I am today.

For my birthday, I decided to do a glow up and pamper myself. I think the new year is a great time for goal setting and change. But since my birthday was right around the corner, I thought this was the perfect time to refresh myself. Not only physically, but mentally take this time to learn more about myself. I feel like as i’m getting older, this was the perfect time to switch it up a little. So for my glow up, I decided to get a hair appointment for braids. I love the look of braids and it’s been a few months without having braids. I scheduled a nail appointment and I got my nails done with my friend. I feel so polished and tidy when my nails are done. Throughout the weeks, I had lots of days at the beach with my girls. I definitely consider this an important part of my glow up because my friends bring me such great joy. I hang out with are the sweetest and caring girls. Surrounding myself with good energy is so healthy for our minds. It’s also so nice to get out of the house and spend the day at the beach and watching the sunsets. It’s the best way for me to recharge and appreciate my beautiful island. I enjoy doing my journaling and skincare around the same time as I head to bed. It’s a great chance for me to evaluate my feelings and and my day went. I find prioritizing myself and what I call a “glow up” doesn’t have to specifically be for an occasional moment. but I had a lot of fun and plan to continue having days where I can recharge and freshen up my days.