From Sunshine To Season My Adventure Beyond Hawaii

Updated September 27, 2023

Autumn Beginnings: My September Recap

This month has been all about trying new things and being okay with changes. I used to live in sunny Hawaii my whole life, but now I’m in a place where the weather actually changes. It’s been interesting.

This month has brought about some exciting changes in my life. I’ve started working at a boutique. I not only assist customers in finding styles they love but also have the privilege of modeling the latest clothing selections for the shop’s Instagram videos and other social media platforms. It’s been a great networking opportunity, allowing me to connect with creative and stylish individuals in the area.

My new job has not only helped me make new friends but also introduced me to the world of fall fashion. Coming from Hawaii, where it’s always warm, I’ve never seen the beauty of changing seasons. As autumn begins, I’m amazed by the transformation around me. The leaves are turning colors like red and gold, and the air feels cool and fresh in a way I’ve never experienced before. It’s a new and exciting experience, and it’s inspiring me.

Even with all these changes, it’s nice to know I can stay in touch with my friends and family back in Hawaii. I talk to my Hawaii friends every day, sharing stories about my new experiences and asking for their advice. Even though there’s a time difference, keeping these strong connections has been important as I go through this period of change.

I discovered some amazing new shops in this city that Hawaii didn’t have. One of my favorites is this cool store that sells all kinds of music records. It’s such a peaceful place where I can relax and spend as much time as I want looking through the records. I also found a store that teaches meditation and mindfulness. It’s helped me feel more calm and open to all the changes happening in my life. It’s like a place where I can go to clear my mind and find peace.

As I keep exploring this city and embracing the positive changes in my life, I’m thankful for the new opportunities, experiences, and friendships I’ve found. Change can be scary, but it can also bring great rewards, and I’m excited to see where this new chapter takes me.

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