How I’ve Made Mindfulness, Self-care and Realignment Core Focuses In My Life

My focus within

They say your twenties are a time for self-discovery and growth. As a young woman embarking on this decade of life, I can certainly relate to that. After finishing school, I entered the “real world” and quickly realized how easy it is to lose yourself amidst the chaos of work, relationships, and life’s responsibilities. In an effort to stay grounded and connected to my true self, I have made mindfulness, self-care, and realignment core focuses in my life.

Mindfulness practices like meditation, journaling, and yoga have been crucial for me to slow down and check in with how I’m truly feeling and what I really need. Taking just 10 minutes a day to be present and tune into my body and mind makes a world of difference in not getting caught up in anxiety and stress. I’ve realized that self-care also needs to be a priority, not a luxury. Turning on soothing playlists rather than giving in to a busy social scene has taught me to align my priorities with what truly nourishes me.

Realignment has also been huge in order to connect back to my core values and interests. It’s easy to veer off course in your twenties, but periodically reflecting on what really matters to me and course-correcting has helped me stay true to myself. Whether it’s changing jobs, ending a relationship, or picking up a new hobby, I’ve learned to check in and make sure my daily life aligns with my larger goals and purpose.

The journey of self-discovery is lifelong. In the early stages of adulthood, establishing practices like mindfulness, self-care, and realignment have provided me with a solid foundation. As I continue to learn and grow, I hope to hold onto the self-awareness, self-care, and sense of purpose that serve me so well today.

If I’ve learned any lessons on this journey so far, it’s that amidst life’s chaos, we need to make active efforts to stay connected to our true selves. Practices like mindfulness, self-care, and refocusing on our core values keep us on course.