My thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Updated July 6, 2023

This year I realized I want to really tap into reminding myself that Valentine’s Day is not a day to pout about being single. Haha I never looked forward to this day if I’m being honest. But now I like to remind myself that the best things take time and to trust the process. And in the meantime, I’ve noticed that I am loved by so many wonderful people. I am so appreciative of the support that I receive from everyone daily. I feel so complete with the love and joy my family gives me. There are so many ways I find gratitude within my surroundings and just from the little things in life. Wether it’s through going to the beach, listening to music, or working on content. I think over the years by having this mindset, I’ve been able to accomplish so much and embody the strong independent woman I aspire to be.

Peixoto gifted me this pretty bikini set from their unreleased Valentine’s Day collection. This set is the cutest and makes me feel so confident. I’ve collaborated with Peixoto in the past and I was so excited when they reached out to work with me again because their brand is all about diversity and inclusiveness! This set is the cutest and makes me feel so confident. And with Valentine’s just around, this is a great time to remind myself how much I appreciate my body and to have confidence in my own skin.

favorite love vibe songs

Some of my favorite ‘love vibe’ songs that I’ve been listening to

I’ll be around ( Empire of the Sun )

Appreciate You ( magic! )

Angel Baby ( Troy Sivan )

All 4 Nothing, Im so in love ( Luv )

I’m Yours ( Jason Mraz )