Updated July 6, 2023

With the mindset that this year will be full of growth and achievements, Ive been focusing on myself, enjoying the days with the people who raise my energy, and finding projects that I enjoy. This has allowed me to learn more about myself and learn that there’s nothing wrong with spending time on myself and detaching from the high social pressures and influence. I find that I am more aware of my present time and aligned with my emotions. Music has been a way that allows me to connect with my feelings and higher my energy.

January was a really good month. I hung out with some friends who came home from college. I spent a lot of time at the pool editing and writing content for my upcoming projects. It’s been a productive start to the new year! I intend to continue this momentum as the months go on. I’ve just been so excited and driven to prioritize my goals.

My January favorites

Vlogging my days for fun

Spending the day editing content at the pool

Having photoshoots

My Spotify playlist ” watching the waves

Focusing on the joy of being in my own presence.

Going out and watching the sunsets

Journaling my daily intentions

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